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Expertise, pooled expert power and forward thinkers with the ideas of tomorrow – Thinking Circular Experts brings together a ‘who’s who’ of the Circular Economy. Setting new standards and taking the issue into society; those are our experts’ aims.

Concepts and ideas should be discussed with the correct people in the ideal place at the appropriate time. Are you looking for speakers, presenters, drivers of innovation on the Circular Economy? Then, you are in the right place. We can introduce you to specialists, expert forward thinkers, influencers and idealists.


Our experts

Thinking Circular Experte Prof. Michael Braungart

Professor Michael Braungart

“Let’s be useful, rather than less bad.” As a founder of EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH, he drove forward the implementation of Cradle to Cradle by advocating innovation, effectiveness and qualitative product design.

Thinking Circular Experte Martin Lees

Martin Lees

The former UN Assistant Secretary General, Secretary General of the Club of Rome, and Senior Adviser to the Presidency of COP 20 is currently the Chair of the OECD-IIASA Task Force on Systems Thinking, Anticipation and Resilience. He is supporting the University of Koblenz-Landau in its programme on Systems Thinking and Education.

Thinking Circular Experte Eveline Lemke

Eveline Lemke

Consultant, lateral thinker and guide in the Circular Economy. She initiated many sustainable projects as the first Green Minister of Economic Affairs and Deputy Minister-President in Rhineland-Palatinate until 2016. She is an expert in matters related to energy and raw material transition.

Thinking Circular Experte Stephan Rösgen

Stephan Rösgen

“It must not give waste anymore, if you use the technology that exists and inform people accordingly.” Stephan Rösgen has over 30 years of detailed experience in development and implementation of circular economy and resource efficiency concepts.

Thinking Circular Experte David Wortmann

David Wortmann

With his strategy consulting company, DWR eco GmbH, David Wortmann gives help and support with developing new business models, overcoming entry barriers to mature and established markets or defining new markets.

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