News / 07.06.2021

Only 0.15% of companies in Germany are oriented sustainably. This is confirmed by a new study, commissioned by the German Council for Sustainable Development. That is a total of only 5,837 companies, 18% of which are freelance, science, technology or service companies, 22% manufacturing and 10% trade. 3 million companies are not sustainable, are not interested in sustainability, or are not familiar with the term sustainability. This is a lot of room for improvement and reveals the implementation difficulties that exist. Yet some framework conditions and specifications have long been...

News / 01.06.2021

As we know today, climate change is man-made. The question of how we behave therefore determines our future and that of our planet. When market researchers categorize people's behavior, they develop so-called personas. Personas also exist to describe people who behave in a sustainable way. However, we don't trust any market research unless it has been done or verified by ourselves. That's why we have examined common personas (named Hannah, Tom, Dori and Ulrike) from the Sustainable Living 2020 study in more detail. For verification we have set...

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