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What we mean by

Circular Economy

Thinking Circular operates on the basis of a broad, holistic understanding of the circular economy. Thinking Circular is a global endeavour.

The cultural understanding of the circular economy in central European societies is often limited to waste management. However, waste as we define and produce it in our societies does not occur naturally in the environment. This means that the more consciously and harmoniously we interact with nature, the less waste will be produced. Waste as a product of excess and unfair distribution is attributable to the mismanagement of our economic systems. As long as we fail to produce and consume goods in such a way that they are compatible with and cause no harm to humans and the natural environment, we will need to use green technologies to compensate for the flaws in our system. Treating and decontaminating our air, water and soil will remain a necessity until the green transformation is brought to a successful conclusion. Until then, we need to aim to ‘close the loop’ by making materials and products flow in cycles so that they can be reused to the greatest possible extent. There is much ground left to cover and every step of the way is a learning experience.

About the multiverse

of Thinking Circular

At Thinking Circular, we’re creating a multiverse for green progress by helping green innovation to prosper. We use the concept of a circular economy and the cradle-to-cradle (C2C) design principle to support business, science and politics on the path to a more sustainable society. Consultancy, networking, partners, political positioning, events, expert advice, influencers, speakers – Thinking Circular offers all of this and much more. This is where ideas for securing the future are forged: We develop green innovations and make them a reality.

Eveline Lemke is the linchpin and the face of Thinking Circular. She brings her networks and expertise to the table and builds gateways and bridges between the different dimensions of the circular economy. Thanks to her extensive experience, she has a keen understanding not only of the political necessities in this field but also the needs of business and society. She helps to make change happen. This is how we are paving the way for an economy that allows everyone to live well and sustainably.

About the founder

High-School Abschluss Eveline Lemke


Take-off into the Circular Economy

She investigates where and how products and resources end up at steel distributors, recycling centres and within the metal industry. In doing this, she quickly learns the real value of waste as a steel merchant and thinks to herself: “There must be another way!” The inner unease about the wasted resource and energy potential drives her on her journey to change. New solutions for material flows, raw material cycles and sustainable use of resources guide and occupy her to this very day.

Wirtschaftsministerin Evelin Lemke bei politischer Veranstaltung


For putting ideals into politics

Responsibility, motivation and the urge to make things happen lead her into politics. The steel merchant who used to investigate material flows becomes a woman of action, the Green Minister of Economic Affairs who decisively shapes the energy transition in Rhineland-Palatinate. She forges ahead with projects such as founding the Energy Agency, expanding wind farms and the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park, thereby combining ecology and economics profitably. More recently, Eveline Lemke has been a symbol of green innovation.

Eveline Lemke bei Veranstaltung vom Verband der Unternehmerinnen


Safely leading through the terrain

As a guide, Eveline Lemke demonstrates to companies a way of doing things differently. As an expert in sustainability and the Circular Economy with political contacts and lots of insider knowledge, she leads her clients safely through rough terrain. She helps them to overcome obstacles, rectify weak points and take the correct route. Her aim is for every company that she and her team support to be able to tell a heroic story.


As a former politician, speaker and forward thinker, Eveline Lemke fills her personal blog with opinions, current issues and trends on the topic of the Circular Economy. Read about what motivates the founder of Thinking Circular!


Eveline Lemke summarised the topics, obstacles and encounters that supported and shaped her during her political career in a book published in 2016: „Politik hart am Wind – GRÜNE Perspektiven für ein gutes Leben“ (“Politics close to the wind: GREEN perspectives for a good life”).


Here we collect publications, articles and reports from the spectrum of the circular economy.


Versatile & multifaceted: Learn about the various stages in Eveline Lemke’s life journey and build up a better picture of her. Here, you will find all information in a compact summary.


Our values in

the multiverse

We commit ourselves to improve the state of the world

and act according to the SDGs, as formulated in

the Code of Conduct of the World Economic Forum.

We believe in mankind as the Homo Circularis.


“There must be another way!” We are always motivated by striving for improvement. We forge ahead and also follow the less pleasant paths. Because we know what we are doing it for: to leave behind a better world for our children and subsequent generations. It is only by taking responsibility for our society and environment that we will be successful in safeguarding our future.

We are critical and we challenge: this means that we sometimes also cause a stir. For this purpose, we demonstrate responsible approaches, which are then easier for others to adopt later on.


Expertise, reliability and authenticity form the foundation for trust. It goes without saying that as part of this, promises need to be turned into action. We leave our colleagues and clients the freedom they need and respect their areas of competence. This is how long-term, friendly relationships of equals are formed, characterised by mutual respect.


Striking out in other directions and thinking afresh, developing innovative ideas and transposing them into projects, launching these projects and not being afraid to make mistakes – that runs in our blood. As such, we chalk up even small steps as success. We draw further drive and motivation from this for testing out the untested. This is how we work together to surpass ourselves. And at the same time, we remain passionate about the “raw material transition”.


Systems thinking safeguards the future.

Our vision is a world with no waste and no throwaway culture. In this world, things retain their value. All materials can be re-used indefinitely. Doing this means no damage is caused to either humans or nature. There is a positive benefit to each economic activity.

Großvater sitzt mit kleinem Jungen auf Wiese mit Pusteblumen


We create awareness of the Circular Economy and Circular Engineering in society, the economy and politics.

As agents of change and the innovation necessary for it, we bring the required stakeholders together. We create more value for people, the environment and the economy with disruptive ideas, innovative design and re-thinking products, services and business models. Intelligent design is making products and services renewable and reusable. Quality, usefulness and aesthetics are the determining parameters in this.

Großvater sitzt mit kleinem Jungen auf Wiese mit Pusteblumen
Podest mit Rohstoffen: Glas, Stein, Blei, Holz, Moos, Kunststoff, Metall
Hochhaus mit Baum auf Balkon
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