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How do we create a culture in which thinking and acting sustainably are integrated into everyday life? How do we fulfil our responsibilities towards society and the environment? How can sustainability be lived and embedded in companies?

Thinking Circular Consulting aims to ensure that these questions no longer need to be asked at all. What we believe: The future begins in companies. For us, economics, environmental protection and social responsibility are not diametrical opposites. More and more companies are recognising the new opportunities this presents and are therefore creating more value for themselves, for society and for the global ecosystem. We can help you with this!



Strategy Consulting

We help you to work out which steps are necessary in order to, for example, market your product internationally. What are the obstacles to overcome? We can support you with your planning!

Business Development

We help you to determine the potential internal and external changes so that you can develop your company further. Meet your future with our help!

Product Development

Which concepts and technologies help with developing sustainable green products? We are acquainted with the various schools of thought.

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Green Roadmap

We are by your side from the first step of your journey. We work with you to develop and set the measures that will contribute to your green transformation. In doing so, we empower you to pursue change and evolution.

Public Affairs

We are aware of the political framework and possible hurdles, which need to be considered when developing the Circular Economy. We also support you on political territory.


Tackle your future challenges and identify opportunities by working through Circular Economy issues.

Together with thinkstep, the leading provider of software, data and consulting services for product and corporate sustainability, we offer workshops and solutions to guide you towards circular economy opportunities.


  • Eveline Lemke, Sustainability and Circular Economy Expert, Thinking Circular
  • Hannes Partl, Principal Consultant, thinkstep AG
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1. Workshop: Future Frame


This workshop will focus on the political and social aspects of the market that result from global environmental challenges. Designed as a one-day workshop, it addresses your decision makers. Is your company vision still in line with future challenges?

2. Workshop: Step Check


This workshop is a follow-up to the discuss from the “Future Frame” workshop. Once your vision and mission are set, your internal strategic focus will be clear. Now you need to ready yourself for an internal process. This three-day workshop offers a clear path by working with different methods of analysis and checks.

3. Process: Next Steps


After identifying challenges along your path to implementing Circular Economy in your business, you’ll need a plan defining all necessary steps. Through a series of smaller workshops, we’ll create this plan with you.

4. Concept Phase


We can assist you in implementing Circular Economy principles for your long-term business success. thinkstep offers a wide range of solutions to identify, measure and monitor sustainability performance in the context of Circular Economy.

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