There is a lot to do on the way to a world without waste. In this section we not only report on the milestones in cooperation with our partners, but we also provide information about new offers and services.

It is particularly important to us to draw attention to individual projects and to report on valuable encounters that help us and our customers achieve their common goal. The time line of our news represents the story of Thinking Circular®.



News / 15.01.2024

The end of human dominion. And  the new beginning of human existence. The current farmers' protests in Germany show once again that climate protection is being pitted against the protection of human interests, such as the basic supply of food. And of course we know the arguments we use to promote climate-friendly agriculture and animal welfare. Nevertheless, the argument that climate protection is not human protection subtly catches on. So there is reason to explore this metaphor. Because only if we understand why the supposed opposition between nature and culture...

News / 14.12.2023

Beyond the illusion of growth Reinhard Loske's essay "Ökonomie(n) mit Zukunft. Jenseits der Wachstumsillusion” (Economy(s) with a future. Beyond the growth illusion) answers key questions about suitable assumptions for a sustainable economic theory. It resolves some of the theoretical conflicts surrounding the conceptualization of alternative economic theory or criticism of growth that exist among green economists and politicians. Most recently, the Heinrich Böll Foundation suggested offering nationwide training courses on pluralist economics in order to provide clarification on pluralist approaches. This is in line with Loske's ideas and, not...

News / 14.07.2023

Why an Academy.Thinking Circular®? How do you implement circular economy projects? How do you design your company in a timely and sustainable manner? Climate protection, climate adaptation and the circular economy are not fiction for you, but reality, but you are looking for helpful practical tips and tricks to implement your business idea, or a sound background with which you can get your employees in the mood for your project? Then you've come to the right place, because that's why we built the Thinking Circular® Academy. It enables you and...

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