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Green Economy for tomorrow:

Circular Economy


Insights into inter- and multidisciplinary learning.

Scholarly insights into interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary sustainable education projects in Brazil and Germany. Descriptions help readers and teachers quickly share knowledge across disciplines.

Editor: Adriana Büchler

ISBN 978.85.7084.429-3

The book, written in Portuguese, can be ordered at (24,99 € incl. VAT).

Thinking – 5 Disciplines

In the course of our daily work, we deal with a wide variety of theories and approaches to thinking. Where are we in our thinking? We present five approaches of thought in this guide.

Glossary Circular Economy

This glossary contains a list of definitions of frequently used Circular Economy terms. These form the basis for understanding the sound concepts and systemic thinking techniques for understanding the interrelationships and in implementing circular applications.

Understanding Economy as a Complex System

This handbook shall be a guide for managers who want to pave the way to a circular economy. Inspired by the Systems Innovation Network (SI), it delivers a description of the basic understanding of Systems Thinking that is needed to find one’s way in the complex and everchanging world of economics.

As Thinking Circular® it is our mission to give orientation in the economic jungle of dysfunctional systems to make circular economy not only a vision but reality. Therefore, we have adopted and adapted SI tools with circular approaches.

This handbook shall build a bridge from Systems Innovation to Circular Economy.

Study: The Big 5 and the story behind

The world’s biggest material flows

This study could inspire industry managers to make the right choices and pave the way to a circular society that is equitable, balances social and environmental needs, and will be a solid foundation for humanity’s survival on planet Earth.

Find the study here and take the first steps into the Circular Economy for your company, business model or life.

Study: The TOP 10 circular materials

Every year, about 100 billion tons of material are taken from the planet. Of these 100 billion tons, 10 billion tons p.a. are circular. 1.5 billion tons of these are the top 10 materials, of which we looked closely at the TOP 5. So our study subject covered not even 1.5% of the global material flow.

Find the study here and take the first steps into the Circular Economy for your company, your business model or your life.

We create a

Video Dictionary 

You can also find all videos here: @thinkingcircular



The film “Welcome to the Antropocene”, produced by IGBP and Globai, was originally shown at the opening of the UN’s Rio+20 Summit.



Find this 3 minute explanation of the UNEP definition of the Circular Economy (2006).



Policy makers strongly concentrate on efficiency when trying to solve the climate crisis. But the misunderstanding of the word leads to further rebound effects. Effectiveness is the systemic character of action that we need, battling the climate crisis and fighting resource scarcity.



Impact has a precise meaning in the Circular Economy. Start getting informed about circular impact.

INVESTMENT– Sustainable!

How to avoid green washing? There is one simple trick…



Paradigms formulate in patterns or models what people believe, what makes up for their mindsets and their behaviour. In a complex global world paradigms are changing. We look at those, that are fundamental to a complex circular economy that follows sustainability.


Zusammengebundene Stapel mit Papierabfällen


RESOLVE is an abbreviation, explaining the principle for decoupling the growth of our economies from resource use (Circular Economy).



Many companies in Germany get lost, when trying to interpret SDGs for their own decision making. Therefore we made an easy translation of the Goals into Labels and Strategies. So managers can easily see aims and strategies to full fill the SDGs.


Understanding SDG standards in Germany – we deliver an introduction, most important in 2 minutes.


An introduction of the 6 concepts of systems thinking to help expand the ability to rapidly adopt systems mindset for positive impact.



We answer the questions: What is VUCA and what strategies can be applied in a systems world?

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