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Projects – CASCADE

The goal of CASCADE is to enable digital service companies to develop IT-based innovative solutions for the Circular Economy as projects, including platform business models, sharing economy/collab consumption, product-as-a-service, both B2B and B2B.

In doing so, the goal is to

  • Raising awareness and curiosity about the economic potential and benefits of the circular economy in the digital economy
  • Breaking down barriers to the adoption of Circular Economy concepts through IT-enabled solutions.
  • Stimulate innovation for the Circular Economy in the “digital world” by educating the target audience on the full lifecycle of innovative, circular projects.
  • Promote cross-sectoral, interregional and international collaboration to develop innovative Circular Economy projects.
  • Facilitate the transition to a more circular economy by encouraging SMEs to “try out” the Circular Economy in an innovative project.

close.loop – FZ-Recycling

FZ stands for RND: Research and Development of Close-The-Loop-Technology within and outside of existing production processes. Machines and processes are highly individualised solutions, closing life cycles. The effective creation of closing-loop-tech saves money and is the best chance to prove that economy and ecology are two sides of the same coin.  In addition risks for rising prices of resources are reduced.

The team of engineers creates decentralised, regional and modular scalable technology that can be implemented in many regions of the world. These principles were already basis for the energy turn around. Now the same mechanisms lead to a material turn around, according to Circular Economy principles. Solutions are delivered in shipping-containers, which are already part of the unique selling technology.

developing.strategies – HINS Energia

We take on each project with a comprehensive approach, covering technical, economic and environmental aspects, with a deep knowledge of the regulatory frameworks at the provincial, national and international levels.
At HINS we believe that a sustainable, inclusive and low-emission world is possible.

For this reason, we have been working since 2009 towards energy transition and the integration of climate action as fundamental instruments to generate profound changes in development models.

Our multidisciplinary team incorporates more than 25 years of experience in the energy sector in South America, having led a wide range of successful projects in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay.

efficient.insulation – IVH e.V.

With its members, the Industrieverband Hartschaum e.V. has been promoting efficient thermal insulation with polystyrene for 50 years. Through publications and campaigns, with a technical focus and information. Today, sustainability is the focus of activities. Together with the European association, work is being done on technically safe and economically sensible solutions for recycling EPS insulation materials. This also requires the establishment of a collection logistics from demolition, renovation and processing. With studies and developments, the association supports the information of political institutions in order to achieve a better use of recyclates and thus higher CO2 savings. – Teraloop

Teraloop works on decarbonisation of energy storage. The international start-up from Finland is challenging degrowth of material, whereas growth of energy consumption is going up. Already the team is aware that batteries, like lithium-ion, will take up many ressources. This should be avoided.

Teraloop’s mission is the development of a zero waste energy storage system. Innovating the flywheel by making it horizontal and reducing physical problems by changing it’s mechanical basis, was the fundamental restart for a new creation of a well known technology, which now leeds us into a new dimension of energy storage beyond batteries. –  HT-Cycle

The world population is eating more meat. Industrialised agriculture and meat production lead to massive production of sludge. Whereas invenstments in incineration will be prohibited in the European Union, new technologies to regain the value of sludge are necessary. Phosphorus, minerals and metals can be recovered by hydrogenic carbonization. This is the smart alternative to burning sludge.

The HT-Cycle technology offers designing coal for the future, with any characteristic needed. Such we are able to store carbon, just like nature has shown us. So we can begin to fight climate change with another technology.

e.mobility – commercial vehicles

ORTEN Electric Trucks adepts manufacturer independent new and used diesel commercial vehicle trucks and vans to 100% electric drive. On years of experience with electrified CEP distribution vehicles with EFA-S technology, ORTEN Electric Trucks offers a unique customer reference on the market.





social.funding –  Particulate

Particulate‘s aim ist to make social funding easy. Therefore the team created a Software that uses the principles of the social coin for management and fundraising money for social projects.

Do you want to make an impact? You can motivate you clients or customers easily to take a share of social funding. The software is ideal for companies, associations and other social organisations.

You can find your perfect partner for fundraising activities. In the end the impact counts and adds up for your image.

Become Part of Change –   Articulate Social Value!

retreading.truck and passenger tires

BIPAVER is most influential trade association for the European retreading industry, representing national retreading associations and leading suppliers to the retreading industry from 11 Member States. As the organizer of the Global Retreading Conference, he brings together important representatives of the industry with business and political partners and calls up important topics, such as the impact to climate protection by the retreading industry.

galvanization.climate friendly

Since 1991, the Wiegel Group started to enclose galvanizing and pre-treatment lines and contribute to leading technologies saving environment and protect the climate. Wiegel received numerous environmental rewards for their engagement and is driving the entire industry to become more climate friendly. Wiegel is committed to its responsibility for environment and climate and convinced that these are the drivers of their success.





science.platform – Climate Hub

The extracurricular learning location of the Ahrweiler district waste management company is the Umweltlernschule+. With the project Klima Hub, a knowledge platform on the subject of climate and climate adaptation is being developed together with local actors. The project starts with an educational program for decision-makers and interested parties, a series of lectures “Questions to Science”, excursions for children and young people and teaching material for all grade levels and aims to develop continuously. The Klima Hub is a platform for networking the many actors and initiatives that have long been committed to climate protection, the energy transition and sustainable development in the Ahrweiler district and beyond.

training.sustainability – UN Helpdesk

We are holding free webinars, which are announced via United Nations Sustainability Helpdesk. We aim at the following SGDs:

Sustainability Goal Number:

  • 7: Renewable energy;
  • 11: Sustainable cities and regions;
  • 12: Resonsible consumption and production;
  • 13: climate protection

microorganisms for circularity – W2W

The aim of the Waste2Value alliance is to combine traditional expertise from the shoe and textile industries in areas such as adhesives and sealants, plastics and composites with white biotechnology technologies based on the use of microorganisms, which have been established at various research institutes in the region in recent years.
established at various research institutes in the region in recent years.

projekt.together – Circular Future

Circular Futures is set to become the largest Germany-wide innovation program in the field of the circular economy. Our goal: to bring the European Commission’s Green Deal to life and show how the circular economy of tomorrow can succeed today.

To this end, we support civil society initiatives and startups in quickly piloting, further developing and, at best, scaling new ideas, products, business models or forms of cooperation. Circular Futures is thus a real laboratory for solutions to social challenges. It is based on the close involvement of partners from industry, the public sector, civil society and science. Only if all groups of actors are involved in the development of solutions can the transformation to a circular economy succeed in the long term.


We are at your disposal for all your requests. Be it questions about our partners or experts technical questions or controversial opinions – we are open and looking forward to communicating with you.

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