News / 26.04.2021

What we learn from nature science is that blue whales get disoriented by ship noise, dying riffs, rising temperatures due to climate change or because they are swallowing plastic waste. Just like the whales our material world is disoriented. Let’s use the metaphoric: Still, we are extracting 100 Billion tons of material every year out of this planet. That’s equivalent to more than 666 million blue whales. Still a number too large to imagine. Only 9% of all the material is moving in cycles. So, imagine the 10.000 blue whales,...

News / 22.04.2021

In Germany the market share of green products was about 11% in 2017 (latest numbers; that’s 139 Billion EUR of 1,300 Billion EUR GDP in total). The goal of a higher market share for green products is to reach 32% in 2030 (= 404 Billion EUR). Did you know? Green energy consumption has increased by 50% since 2011. After introducing trustworthy ecolabels, sales of green products triple within one year. 82% of the 15–29-year-olds are currently revolutionizing the food market through eating less or no meat. 33% of them...

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