Greening tire future

If every second truck would use retreaded tires, each year we could save 1,006,720 = one Million Tons CO24. Can we miss out on it? This question is one of the main issues discussed between some of the most powerful politicians of the European Union and the most powerful players of the European Retreading Industry, which are invited to come together at the Global Retreading Conference (GRC) on 9th June 2020 at Cologne.

The GRC is a conference, where experts from all over the world meet the most important technologies, trends, developments and best practice cases from the entire retreading industry.

Retreading is climate protection

While global voices for sustainability become even louder, at the same time the circular approach of retreading tires is at its tipping point. A tremendous flood of cheap Chinese tires is weakening an industry so valuable in times of climate change. An industry that is related to 368,980 jobs5. To build a resilient retreading industry, it needs a political framework that supports the recovery and vitality of the market.

How we can do this is of high importance. Looking at the numbers, the retreading industry reveals a high potential of climate protection.

Looking at a perspective scenario for consumer tires, the numbers easily go up. While the market volume for trucks to be replaced in 2019 is about 12 million6, the volume for passenger vehicles reaches almost 220 million6. Assuming that every second car would use retreaded tires, we would not save one Million Ton CO2, but 13 Million Tons4.

Our goal is to contribute to EU Commissions Green Deal by innovating the tire industry through circular economy. Retreading is climate protection!

What is the EU commission doing to help the tire industry close the loop? How can we green tire industry together? To get rid of these questions and sound out the answers, the following program is announced. We would be happy to meet you at the GRC Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 at “The Tire Cologne”.

One question at the end: spring is coming, did you already fit your tires?  Will you retread your summer tires?


Moderated by

Eveline Lemke (Thinking Circular®, Minister of State o.d.)

Michael Schwämmlein (Managing Director Technology at BIPAVER)

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