Sustainability report with the right software

A sustainability report in accordance with the ESRS rules laid down by the EU cannot be written by hand, of course. And calculating GHG emissions is not something you simply do with a calculator. At the beginning of 2024, we researched which software solutions are available on the German market and to what extent they already take into account the EU requirements of October 2023. Many solutions did not make it into our overview because they did not even offer basic elements. We were looking for a solution that, after collecting, documenting and recording all the data, delivers a greenhouse gas protocol, maps double materiality and a stakeholder survey, is multi-client capable, uses tested calculation methods and databases and, of course, also offers support.
Here you can find an overview of the applications we have tested:

Our assessment of the software is both differentiated and clear:

Code Gaia offers a self-learning reporting software that is supposed to be able to adjust the materiality analysis in real time. We think this is an interesting feature, but we doubt whether it actually helps with strategic decisions. Strategic processes require a company-internal dynamic and cognitive processes of all those involved. A strategy can only be successfully implemented if it is understood and wanted. An AI can certainly mirror what data an organization has in a sustainability working group, but it does not save the organization from having to go through the knowledge process.

Green Vision Solutions offers wonderful online seminars, mostly free of charge. Here, interested parties can familiarize themselves with the greenhouse gas protocol and the determination of double materiality. Cubemos also currently offers training courses on this topic. Unfortunately, however, Green Vision Solutions does not have a combined solution that also makes it possible to create the report automatically.

We only find this at Cubemos, including the processing of data from the stakeholder analysis, which changes the materiality matrix in real time. This is an informative rounding-off for the reporters and those responsible for the project, as it optimally reflects the feedback from the stakeholders. We have therefore used Cubemos ourselves with customers and are enthusiastic about the powerful platform, which also enables project management.

We would also like to point out that it is advisable to contact experienced sustainability consultants for certain elements of your own sustainability journey. They will quickly help you through the seemingly complicated data collection process and advise you on the data situation. This will give you an outside perspective and neutral assessment, which should also help you move forward.

The software presented is currently undergoing further development by all providers, and prices are also dynamic. It is a good idea to send us a price inquiry.

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