News / 15.01.2024

The end of human dominion. And  the new beginning of human existence. The current farmers' protests in Germany show once again that climate protection is being pitted against the protection of human interests, such as the basic supply of food. And of course we know the arguments we use to promote climate-friendly agriculture and animal welfare. Nevertheless, the argument that climate protection is not human protection subtly catches on. So there is reason to explore this metaphor. Because only if we understand why the supposed opposition between nature and culture...

News / 09.12.2020

All around the globe, among other things, within the framework of “Fridays for Future”, people are demanding decisive action from politicians for more climate protection. The corona pandemic has made it clear how vulnerable our lives are to external influences and what that can mean for our everyday lives. We are noticing more and more clearly that the effects of climate change also affect Germany, for example: increased hot days over 30 degrees, droughts, heavy precipitation events or rising sea levels. Climate protection and adaptation are central tasks of...

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