Climate change on our doorstep! What can I do? – #klimafit

All around the globe, among other things, within the framework of “Fridays for Future”, people are demanding decisive action from politicians for more climate protection. The corona pandemic has made it clear how vulnerable our lives are to external influences and what that can mean for our everyday lives. We are noticing more and more clearly that the effects of climate change also affect Germany, for example: increased hot days over 30 degrees, droughts, heavy precipitation events or rising sea levels.

Climate protection and adaptation are central tasks of the municipalities. In order to be able to perform these tasks, the municipality needs citizens who are committed to community, familiarize themselves with the background and know how to protect and adapt in their personal environment.

This information is conveyed in the innovative “klimafit” course. On six course evenings, “klimafit” will familiarize you with the scientific basics of climate and climate change. The focus is on changes that climate change is causing in Germany and your region. In addition, the course aims to provide suggestions for joint action and effective climate protection.

WWF Germany and the Helmholtz Research Association for Regional Climate Change (REKLIM) developed this course, and the project is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Klaus Tschira Foundation. Successful participation is awarded a certificate at the end of the course.

From March to June 2021, this course will take place at the Ahrweiler District Adult Education Center. The cooperation with the Umweltlernschule+ of the Ahrweiler district waste management company as an extracurricular learning location enables the use of the training room in the innovative wooden building, which is designed as a “minimum impact house”. That makes climate protection a real experience. Course leader Eveline Lemke looks forward to the course and the participants with excitement. For her, it is a first step towards establishing a Climate Hub at the Umweltlernschule+, which offers active and interested parties in the district and beyond a platform. Networking, information, knowledge platform or events – the offer options in the Climate Hub are diverse and can be continuously developed so that climate protection in the Ahrweiler district begins right on the doorstep.

Find the course offer at the KVHS Ahrweiler here.

More information here.

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