There is a lot to do on the way to a world without waste. In this section we not only report on the milestones in cooperation with our partners, but we also provide information about new offers and services.

It is particularly important to us to draw attention to individual projects and to report on valuable encounters that help us and our customers achieve their common goal. The time line of our news represents the story of Thinking Circular®.



News / 26.01.2021

Learning from experience and passing on this knowledge is an ideal idea and can also become a business model. The latest venture that we are pursuing shows how this can be achieved with LIVE AUTOMATION. Indeed, this is a story to watch. Best practice means that others can imitate what has already been created here. That's why we tell the story from the beginning and are happy to connect you to LIVE AUTOMATION so that you can use the experiences that have emerged here. The most recent project came...

News / 09.12.2020

All around the globe, among other things, within the framework of “Fridays for Future”, people are demanding decisive action from politicians for more climate protection. The corona pandemic has made it clear how vulnerable our lives are to external influences and what that can mean for our everyday lives. We are noticing more and more clearly that the effects of climate change also affect Germany, for example: increased hot days over 30 degrees, droughts, heavy precipitation events or rising sea levels. Climate protection and adaptation are central tasks of...

News / 08.10.2020

Today we are proud to report the news from Christoph Klein, who, with ESG Portfolio Management, is a signatory to PRI, Principles for Responsible Investment, and who was accepted into the Leaders' Group 2020 there. This distinguishes the participants of the PRI Reporting Framework who show a particularly wide range of responsible investment excellence and who particularly stand out in this year's topic of climate protection. [caption id="attachment_3254" align="alignleft" width="300"] Source: Mowi Bond Investor Presentation, January 2020, page 21[/caption] Of the 36 out of 3,300 signatories who have received this...

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