There is a lot to do on the way to a world without waste. In this section we not only report on the milestones in cooperation with our partners, but we also provide information about new offers and services.

It is particularly important to us to draw attention to individual projects and to report on valuable encounters that help us and our customers achieve their common goal. The time line of our news represents the story of Thinking Circular®.



News / 01.01.2019

The paperless workplace – an illusion? REEP is a start-up coming from Israel. It’s team challenges paper consumption. Paper will never disappear, for people trust printed pages more than digital data. And we all love beautiful printings and books. In overcoming the crisis of paper hibernation de-imaging, de-inking and automising paper use was powered by REEP. Thus DiPa (TM) your Digital Paper Assistant was created. This is Circular Economy for your office workplace. [embed][/embed] Read more....

News / 06.11.2018

After her term as Minister for Economy, Climate Protection, Energy and State Planning in Rhineland-Palatinate, in 2017 Eveline Lemke seized the opportunity to reposition herself personally and professionally. Thus she founded the consulting company "Eveline Lemke Sustainability and Circular Economy Consulting".  Together with the agency for branding and design p21 by Yvonne Kamp in Grafschaft, a complex brand development was started aiming at systemic and science based consultancy for sustainability and circular economy. As a result the green multiverse "Thinking Circular®" was registered as a trademark at the European Union...

News / 01.11.2018

Teraloop is a grid-scale energy storage system that can provide a future alternative to batteries. ​Imagine a way to store energy that can meet the needs of the population, and provides a zero-waste solution that respects the Earth’s natural resources. Growth no longer needs to come at the detriment of our environment. This is our long-term sustainable, renewable and circular vision. ​Teraloop provides a highly efficient method of storing energy. It operates in synergy with renewable generation assets, balancing the natural variation of supply and demand. By enabling a fully renewable...

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