There is a lot to do on the way to a world without waste. In this section we not only report on the milestones in cooperation with our partners, but we also provide information about new offers and services.

It is particularly important to us to draw attention to individual projects and to report on valuable encounters that help us and our customers achieve their common goal. The time line of our news represents the story of Thinking Circular®.



News / 23.06.2022

In a press release, the Industrieverband Hartschaum e.V. reported the reopening of the Terneuzen plant on June 23, 2022: The first industrial plant for recycling EPS insulation materials from demolition and renovation work is restarting exactly one year after its initial commissioning. A group of German EPS producers - members of the Industrieverband Hartschaum e.V. - has rescued the Dutch PolyStyreneLoop plant from insolvency. The purchase agreement was notarized last week. The Dutch PS-Loop B. V. at the Terneuzen site is now a 100% subsidiary of the German GEC...

Unkategorisiert / 22.06.2022

Zero-waste city - the concept has long since arrived in the Global South. This is also the case in the city of Cordoba, the capital of the Cordoba region in Argentina. It has set out to implement the circular economy. For the second time, an international congress called Cumbre Mundial de Economia Circular has been held there to show the public what is behind the term Circular Economy. This is a great approach, it has also received the necessary public response, because the awakening is moving forward: in...

News / 08.06.2022

Closing a loop in our digital age usually requires a digital solution. Startups or SMEs that are in the process of transforming to circularity, or aiming to do so, are quickly faced with this task. The competencies for digital solutions are often available. But how do we make this solution circular? And how do we convey the circularity of our solution in a potential grant application or pitch to an investor? The answers to these questions are digital. The software solutions to them must be circular. For this, a...

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